IMG_1166Hello, hi! Nic, here. South African born, Georgia-raised, Portland dwelling human. I created Deep Thoughts in Overalls as a place to share and document my current musings on fitness, yoga, snacks, and more.

For a while now I’ve found myself at home with an online community, #sweatpink, and I’ve finally taken the leap to create a blog home of my own. I currently write for the Flex & Flow Yoga and Fit Approach blogs, which is where I found my love and need to put down some random, sometimes rage-filled, but mostly happy and slightly inappropriate thoughts – with the hopes of adding a little something, something to this awesome community.

And if you’re wondering, I’m currently wearing yoga pants, since I just taught a class at Flex & Flow in Portland, OR. When I’m not teaching or taking the sweatiest classes there, I’m working with my sweatpink #bossbabes at a local coffee shop, biking through town, or eating chocolate on my couch, and yes, I’m wearing overalls.