Inclusivity Doesn’t Stink

The aftermath of HIIT & Flow Teacher Training involves the combined feelings of incredibly inspired, exhausted, overwhelmed, and just plain sore. I’ve come to expect that it takes at least a week to recover and get back into the swing of life after a week of lectures, intense workouts, and constantly being in teacher/student-mode. But despite the soreness, brain fog, and other post-training-feels, these trainings are so worth it and provide new insights and feedback into what we do, every single time.


After finishing up our third HIIT & Flow training module at Flex & Flow, it feels like we’re really growing, not just the workout, but also the community and what we stand for. At every training, before we dive deep into the teaching format, poses/moves, and anatomy, we emphasize why we’re here. Of course, we’re here to work out, to build strength, confidence, and endurance, but more importantly, we’re here because we know we’re better when we’re together – to support each other, to push each other, to have fun and sweat with each other. And there is nothing more we want out of a teacher than someone who inspires us, lifts us up, and pushes us to our edge. We might not like it (the workout or the teacher) in the moment, but those challenging moments are the ones that force us to grow the most, and we want a teacher that can guide us to that.


At every training, we meet a new group of teachers and students and every person that steps onto the mat with us is so starkly different. Some come from teaching or fitness backgrounds, some just love to practice HIIT & Flow, and others have never done the workout before. All levels, all backgrounds, all experiences. So many amazing differences, but what they all have in common is they bring themselves fully to the table, vulnerable, and open to being uncomfortable to learn and engage in something new.


And at the end of every training, we are surprised and thrilled as we watch the teacher in everyone come out, sometimes like wildfire, yelling moves and pumping up the energy and other times, like a velvet bulldozer, giving us the slow muscle burns that we love-hate so much. We as teachers learn new moves, transitions, and cues that we would never have thought of on our own. And this is our constant reminder as teachers, students, and people, that inclusivity is key in the fitness space (and all spaces). Every single person has value to add to every training, class, or experience.

I keep the idea of inclusivity in mind at the beginning of every training in an attempt to meet people with open arms, acceptance, and no judgment, with the hope that everyone feels welcome even if they’re nervous or unsure of why they’re here in the first place.

Inclusivity in the fitness space is something I think of every day as a teacher and it is challenging and sometimes daunting. I’m only just scratching the surface of inclusivity in the fitness space and in my own classes and I have a long, long way to go with a lot of trainings to take and hard truths the learn or unlearn, really. All I know is that I can and I need to do better. Diversity in the fitness space will only add value to the community. And creating that accessibility for all people to challenge themselves, to grow, and to sweat together is the work we need to do. More on that to come. Once I’m below the surface and more comfortable, I’ll share the resources I find most helpful. And if anyone has any right now, feel free to share in the comments or email me.

Oh, but I stink…

Side note to all of this, I learned how stinky one person can be during a week-long HIIT & Flow teacher training, and it is bad, really bad. Oh, and that person is me by the way. I took my usual stink to a whole new level because the exhaustion was real and the showers were minimal. Yikes.

It’s cool though because WIN Sports Detergent sent me a bottle of their laundry detergent right before the teacher training and I was really able to put it to the test.


My yoga clothes go through a lot: from bike commuting to teaching to practicing, and sometimes sleeping, they really see and soak in all the sweat. I’d be really interested and probably disturbed to find out how much sweat my yoga pants soak in daily.

With that sweat comes a lot of stink and that stink is potent and at times, hard to get rid of. Sometimes I ride my bike to the studio only to find myself smelling like I put on not-so-clean yoga pants before teaching, as if with the first sign of sweat, the stink is strong.


All I do is WIN

The verdict? I’m in with WIN Sports Detergent. I’ll never stop sweating and stinking up my workout gear, but this detergent is the most effective way to combat the sweat stink between wears. Not only that, but when I do get my sweat on, my clothes don’t take on the mildew sweat smell they’ve had as of late. EW.


You should probably try it out for yourself. Head over to Amazon to order a bottle or four for yourself. Order it TODAY (10.31.18) and get 30% off with WINSWPNK!


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by WIN. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all the brands that support the Sweat Pink community!

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