The habitualized reset

I talk about the need to press a giant recent button every year, sometimes every month and, like right about now, when work and life are just so busy, every single day. And I’m starting to understand that this need to reset comes in waves as part of different cycles of life, sometimes we just overdo it and need that rest and reset more frequently and sometimes, if we’re lucky, we might just find that balance for a bit.

Knowing that it’s natural to lose balance, to fall, to go too hard, I think it’s important to know when you need to reset and a sure fire way that you do it. Finding methods to reset that make you feel really good, fill you up, and let you come back to ALL THE THINGS is so important because sometimes you need them in a pinch, or at least I do.

Here are the things I’m pinning down as my go-to methods for pressing that inner reset button:


Water, specifically Sparkling Mineral Water

I talked about this in my last post about my hip injury, and if you’re around me during the day, you hear me talk about it at great lengths. I need to drink more water. Period. My body and brain are completely drained and dysfunctional when I haven’t had enough water. Plus, my injury recovery regimen requires 90-`100 oz of water. And as much as I know this about myself, I still can’t always get enough because #coffeelife.

This is where Gerolsteiner comes in. With its high natural mineral content (hey magnesium, calcium, and bicarbonate) and its refreshing taste, Gerolsteiner is next level water and honestly the tastiest mineral water I’ve had. Also, it’s making drinking more water, more doable. There’s something about those tasty bubbles that help me gulp away.

I tend to feel the effects of dehydration late in the day and the morning after, and whoa that is not a fun feeling. So I’m doing my best to stave off the dehydration by drinking more Gerolsteiner morning, noon and night, and I’ll be a hydration champion come the Sparkling Detox this August 27-31 – are you joining us? It’s 5 days of replacing all your beverages with Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water. I’m declaring the Sparkling Detox is my reset button this summer and I can’t wait! Want to join and WIN a free case of Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water?! Sign up for the sweepstakes here.



Nothing says reset more than a little or a lot of movement and sweat. For me it’s twofold: I love the hard work and endorphins that come with working out. I love just as much the way a work out can put my mind on pause, strip away some unnecessary negative thought patterns, and pave the way for a clearer mindset for my day or week.


Make it a sweat session with a friend and it’s not only rejuvenating, it’s also so much fun.



This is a big “DUH”. Of course I need to eat, but more importantly, I need to eat full, healthy meals. When the stress is high, I’ll just snack on chips and random things I can grab all day. By the end of the day, I haven’t had a full meal or taken an actual break – and yeah, bring on the hanger (Sorry, Bryce). So this reset button is not just to eat some food, but more so to eat a balanced meal (for me, that’s a grain, fresh and cooked veggies, avocado, egg, hummus, and cheese) and take lunch outside or just away from the computer and phone to sit, enjoy every bite, and get some good fuel to power you through the rest of the day.


Perhaps the most literal reset button in our life is sleep. Sleep is when the restorative work happens: muscle growth, tissue and blood vessel repair, brain recovery, and more. When I’m not getting enough sleep, my daily stresses and even dehydration are exacerbated – yikes. I’m aiming towards 7-8 hours of sleep a night, rather than my 5.5 or 6 hours I’m currently getting.


A reset doesn’t have to be a trip to a remote island at an all-inclusive resort. There are small steps we can take every day and every week to find that reset. And in taking those little steps regularly, the hope is that the burn out, the meltdown, and any other ways you might react to overdoing it can be lessened and even diminished (#goals).

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Gerolsteiner. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all the brands that support the Sweat Pink community!


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