Simple Sundays #4

I’m slowly shifting Sundays into a day of little to no foresight; no concrete plans or expectations. As simple as possible. I find that having one day a week like this is my best reset button. And that reset can be a number of things; I don’t rely on one surefire way to reset.

Today looks a little something like this:

Coffee and books. Coffee blended with coconut oil and honey is my creamy- and sweet-jam these days. I can’t get enough of it. Try it: In a blender or with a milk-frother, blend one cup of brewed coffee, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, and 2 tsp of honey until fully combined and frothy. It’s the coconut oil version of bulletproof coffee, but a lot tastier in my eyes.


Over the past two weeks, I read The Silver Star by Jeanette Walls and All Over the Place by Geraldine DeRuiter and I ate a lot of ice cream in the process. The combination of a good book and an ice cream cone has become my complete happy place. What I’ll say about these books other than that they are quick, well-written and entertaining is that there is always room to trust your gut and keep all possibilities open-ended. The next two books on my list? Shrill by Lindy West, Hunger by Roxanne Gay, and Rising Strong by Brene Brown.

Perhaps I’ll be intentional and continue to only read books written by women authors this year. Any suggestions?


I also had the chance to catch up on some other inspiring ladies in my life and what they’re currently working on. My friend, Autumn, is constantly saying or writing things I needed to hear, but her newest post on making friends in adulthood really hit the spot. What really resonated is that I find myself going through seasons and at times, needing complete solitude, sometimes when I least expect it. Following those signals to be alone can be hard, but I know if I don’t, I’m not being fair to myself or the people around me. Accepting and knowing yourself, your behaviors, and the seasons you go through really does open up the space you need to honor and nourish all kinds of relationships.


Yoga. I do have one concrete plan in my day today: teaching Power Vinyasa at Flex & Flow. Sunday evening is such an interesting time to teach and practice. Students are tired from the weekend. Thoughts and stresses of the week may be in effect as well. My hope is to help people reset, still those thoughts, and enter a new week in their own best way. Tonight that will come in the form of twisting and sweating the night away.

New music give me the energy to move and create shapes in my own practice which turns into what I teach. Here’s my current playlist.


Planning. A few weeks ago, I wrote what keeps me coming back to my goals and telling myself that limits are all self-imposed. For the first time, I’m really feeling those words in everything I do.

Since coming back from being sick last week, I’m ready to step it up with workouts. I signed up for the Mt. Hood 25K trail race in July and with that in mind, I want to work on strength for all the hill climbing as well as speed. Gixo is going to be an essential part of this training and push me to where I want to be. After taking Cardio Speed Work, Endurance Run, and 5K’s on the app, I’m learning so much about how I run. The app measures not only your pace but also your stride, determining whether your stride is healthy or you run the risk of injury. The app is adding on features every week it seems and it’s going a long way to make sure I’m staying accountable and working out smarter.


My Gixo workout plan for this upcoming week – join me for some sweaty dates!

Join the #IAmLimitless challengetry out a Gixo class (get 1-month FREE when you download the app here), and post a photo of what #IAmLimitless means to you – make sure to tag #IAmLimitless #sweatpink @gixo @fitapproach so we can see your posts!

4 thoughts on “Simple Sundays #4

  1. Yes. So much need for a day like that. Also, Shrill is amazing and Rising Strong is on my list for next up. So thankful to always come to your corner of the internet and feel at home and inspired.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The feeling is so mutual – the way you share your world, thoughts, feelings is always so inspiring to me. Here’s to more openness and more gut-trusting. And more book recommendations 🙂 XOXO


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