Simple Sundays #3

Last week’s Simple Sunday was MIA due to some very important Stranger Things binge-business. I’m not a constant binger, but sometimes I let it all go and binge to my heart’s content, and I’m definitely not mad about my decision. With Strangers Things, Halloween, and October all ending too quickly, I’m reminded, yo, take a day to chill, collect your thoughts, and refresh before you trek on with the rest of 2017.

And that’s really what a simple day means to me. I carve out some time to be alone, to be away from work and social media, and to let my mind just separate from its usual whirlwind of thoughts. Taking that step away even just for half a day lets me recollect, calm my emotions, and develop some positivity and motivation for the week to come.

Sometimes, all it takes is a phrase and some greenery to give me that uh-huh moment. This week that phrase is “The grass is greener where you water it”. Where you direct your mind and energy will control what flourishes and what falls to the backburner. You are in control of what you do, create, and achieve. Knowing where to pour your energy, constant focus (and coffee), and non-comparison will be your tools to stay on track.

Today, I’m making simple steps to feel whole today, tomorrow and this week. I’m thinking what didn’t work yesterday or last week. I’m thinking what I need in this moment, not next month or year.

Today, I’m nourishing…

  • My body with lots of hydration. I’m literally watering my body because I have been so dehydrated and nauseous this weekend, and have had multiple bad headaches. So here’s to watering away.
  • My mind with some reading and writing. I’m reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, plus this Fit Approach article and this one from The Hustle. What are you reading at the moment?
  • My yoga sequences for this week. Hip-openers, twists, and forward folds will be abundant at Flex & Flow tonight at 5:45, tomorrow at 12 pm and 8 pm, Tuesday at 6 am and 6:45 pm and Wednesday at 8 pm.
  • My creativity by going to see Molly Parden play at the Doug Fir tonight. Live music always lights the creative fire in my brain. And the Doug Fir in Portland always feels like home.

This week will be short and sweet as we’re leaving for a little vacation in Los Angeles on Thursday. So cheers to watering my brain and body today for a very productive next 3 days and then getting a week off to fill up with friends, family, and that forever sunshine in Lalaland!


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