Simple Sundays #2

Family. Food. Yoga. More food.

That was today’s simple Sunday in a nutshell, and I’m feeling grateful for every part of it.


My parents came to town from Georgia this weekend, the rainiest fall weekend in Portland yet. Since the rain was relentless, we did what we do best – eat, drink, and play gin rummy. There was a trip to the Portland Farmer’s Market to pick up some fresh bread (pictured above) among other things. So, Sunday started with the avo toast above – we were off a to a great start.


Then, my mom and I, headed to IBU Public House for Flex & Flow‘s Yoga & Beer event. Liz had us flowing through the morning – something I really needed after a few days of a lot of drinking, eating, and sitting.


Flex & Flow represent.


After Yoga & Beer, Franki (my mom) and I headed home for some cooking. I had a veggie quiche in mind and I was determined to make it happen. So it all started with roasting cauliflower and shitake mushrooms with rosemary, garlic, salt, and pepper.


Add the eggs, goat cheese, and more rosemary into a pie shell and this was the result.


I have a little recipe tweaking to do this week, which will involve adding more cheeses. Then I’ll share this goodness. Good thing this week is the #FallingforEB recipe challenge with Eggland’s Best and Fit Approach. I’m so excited to not only compete, but also to find some new and egg-celent recipes for fall. If you’re into it, I highly suggest you check out the #FallingForEB hashtag or head over to @FitApproach to see the winning recipes. My taste buds and belly are so pumped!


I almost forgot to mention fashion in my Sunday lineup. I received a box filled with some athletic amazing-ness from Joules Athletics and I cannot wait to try out these pieces. The fabrics feel like butter, so I already know these items will be in a constant rotation. You can check out more Joules Athletics on the Fit Approach Holiday Gift Guide and make sure to jump on and use the code sweatpinkroules for 15% off!

Simple Sunday #2 – Deep Thoughts

Today was full, but simple in that I spent it with people I love, doing things I love. I have been feeling somewhat lethargic so I’m excited about a little reboot in this new week. I’ll take my simple Sunday thoughts with me, as well as these: expect nothing, appreciate everything. These few words are simple yet effective – I strive to not take anything for granted, especially in my everyday routines. May as well enjoy, work hard, and be grateful, yes?

What was your Sunday like? Anything delicious or sweaty? Share, share, share! And have an amazing week!




This post was made possible by our Sweat Pink partners Joules Athletics and Egglands Best Eggs. As always, all opinions deep thoughts are my own.

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