Simple Sundays #1

 Thanks to a friend’s strong connection to alliteration last night (and a few margaritas), I created Simple Sundays – a weekly blog post on very simple, but enjoyable things that are happening in my life, Sunday and beyond. Thanks, Caitlin. I had quite the simple Sunday today – yoga, cleaning, cooking, a bath, podcast catch-up and new music.

I had quite the simple Sunday today – yoga, cleaning, cooking, a bath, podcast catch-up and new music. My theme for class this morning was based on the simple thought that we should give ourselves one hour or 75 minutes every day to be free of judgment – free of labeling ourselves and others, to be free to move and breathe without worry. Simply, do you and be okay with whatever that means in this moment.

I updated my playlist at 6am this morning and it still needs some tweaking, but there are some real gems on it. You can check out the whole playlist here. I can play Don’t Wait by Mapei on repeat for days right now…

After class, I looked forward to some alone time for the rest of the day. Lately, every day has been very social, online and IRL, so I look forward to one day a week to be quiet, alone, and a bit disconnected. Today’s alone time involved lots of cooking (roasted beets + carrot + acorn squash, quinoa, tahini dressing, all the hard-boiled eggs), cleaning, and being horizontal.

I finally had time to test out the Onyx Youth face mask we received in our EMPOWER Vancouver swag bags. This Korean face mask is made up of magnets and you use a strong magnetic wand to pull the mask off your face. It’s kind of a trip to watch the mask lift off your face and stick to the wand! After the magnetic part of the mask has been removed, you’re left with a fragrant, oil-based layer that makes your skin feel vibrant and smooth. Right now, get your facemask on with Onyx Youth – use the code bemagnetic for 20% off!

I face masked and podcasted and stayed away from my to-do list, email, and even the cleaning (whoops).

I got a chance to catch up on 2 Dope Queens… you need to go listen to the episode “Black Women are for Grown Ups”. LeVar Burton is going to blow any and all millennial’s minds. That’s all I will say.

Oh, and I was taking a bath while listening to the podcast. I began to wonder why I haven’t had a bath in what feels like 2 years. Felt like a freaking queen (YQY). Yesterday’s trail run and Jamie’s class literally kicked my butt and an Epsom salt bath was necessary and so amazing. I will definitely be adding more of those into my life.

Lastly, I read this post from Nikki bashing the conforming ways of the fitness industry. Her idea that we do not need a makeover, but the industry does, and that boosted my mood tenfold because I see the word spreading like wildfire. Body-shaming is all around, but we can and will rise above it. And now I can bring this Simple Sunday post back full circle: don’t judge, y’all, it’s a waste of time we could be spending enjoying, creating, and sweating with each other – sounds much more fun and productive, eh?

Happy almost Monday, friends. Cheers to a week of less judgment and more support for each other and ourselves, more presence and focus in everything we do, and always more love.


6 thoughts on “Simple Sundays #1

  1. As a literacy specialist, I am obsessed with alliteration – legit write “marvelous monday” terrific tuesday wonderful wednesday, thoughtful thursday and fab friday on my message board to my kids – as far as no judgment – I totes agree, it’s a waste of time and energy AND to up the ante of your epsom bath, try adding essential oils = HEAVEN YQY


    1. Hehe, this comment just made my freakin’ day! I’m so glad you are so on board with all of things alliteration, baths (yes, going to add some oils!), and staying judgment free.

      Cheers to a terrific Tuesday 😉


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