The Follow Through.

On Sunday, I started my morning on the mat. First, at home to warm up and practice before teaching back-to-back classes at Flex & Flow, and then at the studio with my students and some play time after class.


After all the yoga, I ventured home to cook up something delicious, filling, and salty – after all the sweat, I need to have all the salt.

Then this happened.


A big bowl of greens, roasted + raw veggies, Better Bean Co. Uncanny Refried Black Beans, and of course, I put an egg on it. I coupled that with the new Brain Elixir Greens + Adaptogens from Amazing Grass because it seemed like the smart thing to do after drinking a few glasses of wine the night before.

That to me is my ideal morning – sweat, teach/work, and eat a well-rounded and filling breakfast. How I start my day sets the tone for where my day goes. I can’t control what comes my way over the course of the day, but when I have a strong (and sweaty) start, I feel like I can get a better handle on the challenges and stresses of the day.

Lately, this ideal morning has not been a part of my routine. It happens maybe once a week, whereas it used to happen everyday. As a lover of structure and routine, I’m lacking in the follow through department and seeking to get it back.

Follow Through.

Simply, you make a goal, set the tasks at-hand, and see it through to the end. Adulting is all about the follow-through. Sometimes I think back to those awful group projects in school and school in general, and that maybe the whole point was not only to effectively work with your peers, but to learn how to follow through. Plan, divide, and conquer. Do your work well and completely. If everyone can do just this, well, you’re all one step closer to adulting. Group projects also taught me that I might have some control issues…let’s move on.

Whether your goal is to start the day on the right foot, pay your bills on time, train for a race, finish a huge project, etc., it’s so important to set yourself up with a good plan to ensure you follow through to the end. It feels so damn good to complete a big project, to stay on track with health goals, and feel strongly about the work you put forth. In an effort to kickstart some more follow-through in my life, here is my working list of tips and tricks to stay on track and follow through.

WRITE.jpeg1. Write it down. Writing down goals not only helps me commit to them, but it also gets my creative juices flowing. Take some time to write about your goals and see where it takes you. This will help flesh out the different tasks that are necessary to complete the bigger ideas.

2. Plan ahead. I ❤ my calendar. We have a beautiful content calendar for Fit Approach and one for Flex & Flow that keeps us on top of blog posts, newsletters, and social shares, weeks and even months in advance. This week I created my own content calendar so I can stay on track with my own content – my current goal is to get new blog content created and scheduled in advance, as well as some Instagram content for those days that fly by without a yoga, running, food photo to be made – not a new idea for my social media pros out there.

Along with matching tasks with due dates, it’s important to plan when you’re going to work on said tasks. Again, this is why I love my calendar. I try to designate blocks of time to particular projects. I’ll take an hour to work on social media posts for our various Flex & Flow, EMPOWER, and HIIT & Flow accounts. I’ll take 2 hours to dedicate to whichever campaign I’m managing at the moment. And the list goes on. Some thrive on flying by the seat of their pants, I thrive by planning.


3. Set hard deadlines for yourself. This goes hand-in-hand with #2. If you’re a business owner or working towards goals outside of your job, you have got to set hard deadlines for yourself. Deadlines, for me, are one of the queens when it comes to following through. And yes, queens is plural. There are so many queens in this #bosslady world. Setting and writing down deadlines gives me the push and pressure I need to finish a project.

4. Prioritize. Ask yourself every single day, what is the most important thing that needs to be done today or this week? It’s so easy to look at your to-do list and start multiple things at once – #storyofmylife. And then you’re left with multiple projects started, and most likely no projects completed. Take the top priority, get it done and move on to the next. BOOM.

5. Stay on track. Cancel out distractions: email, social media, phone calls, cleaning the dishes (I can’t work from home when the dishes have piled up). When you have a task at hand, decide how long you want to work on it depending on when it is due or what kind of progress that needs to be made today. Stick to that task until you’ve seen it through.


6. Take breaks when you need them. When you start trailing off into the Instagram abyss after you’ve been working for a few hours non-stop, it’s time to take that break. I talk about taking breaks when I teach yoga and the same applies to other aspects of life. Breaks are necessary to refresh and come back even stronger. This is such a valuable tool for me. If I don’t step away every few hours, I will burn out so quickly.

A break can mean a walk or run around the office or neighborhood, some active stretches, or a reviving drink. Since Amazing Grass sent me their Elixirs to try, I’ve been drinking the Brain Elixir during my usual afternoon coffee breaks. So far, I’ve found it to make me feel both calm and alert, and more focused when I sit back down to work. The Brain Elixir contains 6 stress-reducing adaptogenic herbs including Moringa, Ashwagandha, Reishi, Cordyceps, Schisandra and Mucuna. It’s easy to digest, and the matcha tops it all off because I need/love that bit of caffeine. To put it simply, I’m a big fan and I’ll have more to come on the other Elixirs soon... If you want to try them for yourself right now, head over to and use the code SweatPink17 for 40% off  any product- yes, a whole 40% off!

7. Daily/Weekly Check-in. This has been more of a weekly occurrence for me, but it is so helpful. Once a week, check in with your progress. Have you finished the project you intended to complete this week? What’s the status of the other tasks on your list? What needs more attention? Sit down and reorganize if need be. Be okay if you didn’t reach every single one of your goals. Don’t let that discourage you. We can’t control everything, so be okay when you need to make changes to your plan.


8. Rest, restore, refresh. In other words, take a day off. Take a rest day from training. Get outside and away from your working world. Spend time with yourself and your family. When you take that day or two off, don’t feel guilty about it. I don’t take a day off for granted –  use this as time to be completely free of responsibilities, have fun, take naps, go on adventures, and reset your body and mind before a new week begins.

September is coming. Fall is coming. If you’re in the PNW, the rain is definitely coming. Changing seasons spark a change in attitude and behaviors, making it the perfect time to sit and plan out your goals and projects for the rest of the year. I’ll be sparking up my goals with more Brain Elixir and these 8 tips to follow through. Morning routines and crossing off my to-do list, here I come!

Do you have any tips or tricks you depend on to make sure you follow through on your goals? Share it in the comments – I want to know!

9 thoughts on “The Follow Through.

  1. This is so great – follow through is what separates the adults from the kiddos. Sometimes I find myself lapsing in the adulting category… and these tips are rock solid for getting back after it!


  2. Need to read this today! So important and such good advice. We always set hard deadlines in journalism and I needed to be reminded of that. Off to go tackle my to-do’s and set my hard deadlines. 🙂


  3. Such good tips :). I find the most important aspect of following through on my goals is being brutally realistic about my capacity to achieve them when I set them, and limiting the number of goals I’m working on. Best of luck with perfecting the morning routine- that is a great goal!


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