EMPOWER, defined.

It all started during one of our weekly Sweat Pink team meetings, near the end of 2016. Alyse announced that 2017 should be a year of empowerment – empowering ourselves and those around us, in real life and virtually, to live their best, strongest, sweatiest, empowered lives. This announcement was everything I needed to hear after some unexpected election results and the resurfacing of gender inequalities along with a slew of other ‘setbacks’ due to it. I’m lucky enough to have two strong leaders, Jamie and Alyse, who are not only proactive themselves, but who encourage others to say what they feel, make their dreams a reality, and to always support those around you.

It’s been 8 months since we started the #IAmEmpowered year, and while there have been many ups and downs and more to come, I can say that these past 8 months have been so powerful and beneficial, personally and for our team. I did not expect that this year would drill the meaning of empowerment into my every thought, word, and action. It did just that.


From our first ever retreat, EMPOWER Sonoma, aka trails, yoga, and wine with this amazing crew. This was the first yoga retreat I’ve ever been to and it exceeded all of my expectations, and left me with a new tribe, sore muscles, and a belly full of amazing food and wine.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 12.34.27 PM.png

To our 4th BlogFest conference – 3 days of sweat, content and brand building, and #girlboss inspiration. Connecting with bloggers who I talk to virtually (like Genevieve!) is for me, the highlight of BlogFest.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 12.37.31 PM.png

To our first ever race, EMPOWER Race + Yoga Festival – a race like no other, where we came together to run, flow, sweat and cheer each other on.


And not to mention, the time I get to spend with this phenomenal team, Alyse, Jamie, and Liz – my ultimate #bossbabe crushes!

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 1.23.45 PM.png

And a big shoutout to the Flex & Flow community – the place, the people, the sweat that got me started down the #sweatpink path.

These past 8 months have been fueled by community, sweat, and the fact that we need to support and empower each other now, and forever. What have I learned from this year so far? A shit-ton. Without going into too much detail on achievements, set backs, and experiences, here are my takeaways:

  • When you’re passionate about something, put your love, sweat, and even tears into it. You do your best, and nothing less.
  • Mistakes and failure are OKAY. They’re even necessary if you expect to learn anything and grow.
  • We are in this together. Your fights, struggles, lessons, and failures are mine as well.
  • Constantly support your tribe. Community thrives off of the support of one another. It’s more important than ever to be more kind to, show more support for, and empower those around you. These things deserve your time and energy.
  • Empowerment = Freedom. THIS is my ultimate takeaway. We should all be able to feel strong and confident in what we wish to do in life. We can all do more to free ourselves from negative thoughts and judgements from ourselves and others that prevent us from following our passions. We can all do more to pick others up when they’re down. We can all do more to set these examples of community and support for the generations to follow. End rant.

EMPOWER Retreat Vancouver

I really felt, well, empowered to write this because we all have one more chance this year to join Sweat Pink for a weekend retreat of empowerment, sweat, and community. And while we definitely plan on having more and more retreats in the future, don’t you want to be a part of the #IAmEmpowered year that, I believe, marks a turning point for who we are as a community?

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 3.47.19 PM.png

Oh, and we get to run away to Canada for a weekend…

Join us for the EMPOWER Retreat Vancouver with Lorna Jane + Sweat Pink – September 29 – October 1 – a weekend filled with shopping (ahem, $50 gift card to Lorna Jane), trail running, yoga, site seeing + sessions on building your brand as an influencer. Bring your passion, positive energy, and openness to our last EMPOWER event of 2017! 

This is an event you do not want to miss! Of course, life happens and we can’t always make it – so follow us along @FitApproach and @EmpoweredEvents and we’ll continue to empower each other virtually, and then one day, IRL!


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