Run Safe – No deep thoughts required.

Really though, you don’t need to think too deeply about run safety. Whether you’re on the road or trails, there are outside factors that you have no choice but to be aware of: cars, humans, and SNAKES, just to name a few. And then there’s safety for your body in terms of skincare, proper nutrition, and taking care of your muscles and joints with cross training. If you’re running, you become aware of how to stay safe, one way or another pretty quickly.

Dodging cars and screwdrivers

From the moment I started playing sports in school, running and conditioning were a fact of life. Playing sports didn’t come easily for me, so conditioning was so necessary, but it definitely paid off as I was injury free all through out school. Part of that training involved being disciplined to run, which meant getting out the door and running on my own every day. I have my over-cautious parents to thank for always reminding me to tell someone where I’m going, run with someone if possible, and be aware of my surroundings. It was mostly responded with a ‘yeah, yeah, I know’ and possibly an eye roll or two, but I listened and I stayed safe. FYI, my parents still tell me to run with a group and be safe to this day, even while they are on the other side of the country…some things never change, and parents are usually right.

I also learned about runner safety the hard way, as a pedestrian and a runner. I’m sure all of you female runners can attest to experiencing catcalling, whistles, and other forms sexual harassment while running – in fact a recent Runners World survey that 43% of women at least sometimes experience harassment on their run. To put that into perspective, compare it to the 4% of men who said that. 

I’ve had my fair share of whistles and catcalls from bikers, people in cars, construction workers, etc, but I’ve also had a crazy lady throw a screwdriver at me and a car follow me for half a mile and into my driveway at night – in both instances, I got home safely, but it definitely sealed the deal that safety precautions are just necessary these days.

As the world gets a bit rougher, we toughen up with it. We adapt to our surroundings, and thankfully some very smart people make the necessary tools to help us adapt even more, whether adapting means avoiding the cars or crazies.

No-Brainer Safety Tools for Runners:


Who Am I?

Again, not a prompt for a super deep thought. Just a prompt for making sure you are carrying ID and staying safe on your runs!

Who Am I? ID Products is by far the most no-brainer of safety tools. Being visible to bikers, cars, and other runners are key as well as carrying ID with you, should something go wrong. I tend to pick shorts with no pockets or forget my driver’s license when I run, so I can’t help but feel that Who Am I? ID Products just get me and my forgetful ways. I wear the LED Arm Band on the trails, on the road and even on my bike. It’s simple to slide onto my arm and adjust, and I forget it’s there to the point that I’m getting in the shower after my run and realize I’m still wearing it…oops. It’s a 2-in-1 safety tool, super light, and hassle free – no excuses, y’all.

Another no-brainer is this Who Am I? ID giveaway that’s over at Fit Approach right now until Monday, June 26. Or, just click here and use the code whoami for 20% off your ID band. Done and done. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 5.01.50 PM.png

Safety is pretty cool if you’re open to it. 

AfterShokz makes safety cool and functional with their bone conduction, wireless, Bluetooth, and sweat proof headphones. I could talk for days about these headphones, and if you know me, then you see me wearing them all the time. I also forget I’m wearing them and will leave them sitting on my head for hours, long after a call or a run.

AfterShokz puts the fun in FUNctional and in safety. The open-eared technology allows you to listen to your jams or podcast while still being able to hear what’s going on around you. So if you’re like me, you can listen to The Moth Stories podcast, while crying or laughing, and still dodge the crazy lady with a screw driver, or just the typical, hear the car speeding around the corner situation.

Those are my tips for the day, but it’s not July yet, so more June Safety Month tips will come your way. Follow along at Fit Approach to stay in the know with everything safety (and sweaty and fun)!

Need more no-brainer safety tools and tips?

Alright, y’all, have an amazing weekend. Get sweaty, dodge the crazies and the snakes if necessary, and STAY SAFE!

2 thoughts on “Run Safe – No deep thoughts required.

  1. Ahhh..I may need to look into the Who Am I.

    I have a road ID but often think…..non runners or thought who don’t know about Road ID might not think the look at my bracelet! Thanks for the info!

    Gotta look at the banana bread recipe…you have me at Banana!!!


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