Death to the Snooze Button

Deep thought of the day: Why does the snooze button even exist?

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.23.38 AM

I hate that button, but I also really, really love it because I get 8 more minutes of horizontal time. When I know I can push it just a little bit, I end up pressing that button 5 or 6 times – you do the math! I also really hate that button because it’s filled with false hope that I will get more rest as I prolong my vertical state. There’s no way I’m getting any extra rest in 8 minutes because one, I’m already awake and there’s no chance I’m falling back to sleep in under 8 minutes, and two, I lay there and think about my todo list or when the next alarm is going to go off.


Since returning on Sunday night from our Hood River adventures – we brought the noise and sweaty yoga with us in exchange for all the pizza, beer, fries, wine, and chocolate – this week has been a little rough. Needless to say, that exchange resulted in comatose Monday…and Tuesday and Wednesday. It was as if I pressed the snooze button all day, everyday this week. That false sense of rest tends to sneak up and you only realize it when you don’t finish sentences or can’t remember the words immune system when you’re teaching.

I was reading this post from Jamie about hitting the reset button after a long weekend of drinking and eating all the things, and it occurred to me that I’ve just been pressing the wrong fucking button. How I start my day sets the tone for the entire day, so now I must put an end to the snooze button – DIE SNOOZE BUTTON – and hit reset when that first (and only) alarm goes off in the morning. The beauty of the reset button is there are so many ways to press it and they don’t crush your hopes and dreams like a snooze button.

Killing the snooze button because it’s killing me softly, aka how to reset yourself after a night of sleep (or a night of ice cream, wine, lack of sleep, you name it) :

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.27.22 AM

1. Get the F up. I’ve noticed I’m a bit of a jerk (mainly to myself and the bf) when I experience a new alarm every 8 minutes, all morning long. It’s not easy to get up with that first alarm especially if you’re body has been conditioned to the snooze system, but it will be worth it. One article suggests that we have to retrain to wake up with the first alarm and we should practice getting up with an alarm before going to bed. Hearing my alarm before I even fall asleep sounds like it will give me nightmares, but I’ll still give it a try.

Death to the snooze button may not happen over night, but don’t give up. Train yourself to hop out of bed with that first alarm and start the day. Don’t snooze, don’t get back into bed, don’t even look at your bed when you first get up.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.44.37 AM.png

2. Plan a morning sweat session and stay accountable. Nothing invigorates me more than moving, breathing, and sweating first thing in the morning. This is my coffee before I even get to my first cup. My suggestion is take a class at a gym/studio or even at home because having sometime tell you what to do is so helpful first thing in the morning. Another way to stay accountable is to plan sweaty dates with friends because you might bail on your own sweat session, but you typically won’t flake on your friends.

Here are some sweat sessions I’m doing this week to help kill the snooze button:

Kill that snooze button and workout like a pro with the Designer Protein #AthleteInside challenge. Here’s a mini sweat session that you can do on stadium stairs, on a hill, or at the gym. Remember: Your morning sweat session doesn’t have to be super long to be super effective.

And speaking of short and effective sweaty sessions, you should definitely kill the snooze button and get sweaty with our new FFY HIIT Yoga Weekly Workouts. These workouts are delivered to your email 3x a week so you can wake up, sweat, start your day snooze-less and feeling good! Add it to your calendar, roll out of bed when your alarm goes off, turn on the tunes, and hop onto the gliders.

Check out this week’s sequence from the #FFYHIITYoga Challenge  to see why you need to add this to your morning wake-up routine.

3. Hydrate + Fuel. You’ve been sleeping and fasting, and maybe even recovering from a few drinks or that late night ice cream. Get to hydrating and putting nutrient packed foods into your body. I love all the cold brew coffee, wine, and beer, especially during summer, and that can make mornings a little rough. I try to incorporate as much water as a I can (been a big ole fail on that lately) and smoothies are always key because liquids plus fruit, veggies, and protein is a winning combination to keep your brain and body functioning throughout the day.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.29.22 AM

I LOVE this recipe using Designer Protein Organic Pro 30 protein powder + banana + bluebs + almond milk. If you’re feeling feisty, add a little cold brew and almond butter to the mix.

What’s the trick? This is exactly what I’m trying to figure out. Everyone’s got something that works for them and it’s really trial and error. The first step is deciding you need to kill the snooze button. Your mindset is going to set the tone so stay motivated, stay consistent, and as always, stay sweaty.

Got any good tricks you use to keep your finger off the snooze button? Please spill it because I’m on a death to snooze button mission and need all the help I can get!


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