Let’s Begin

A big ole Happy Friday to you! I hope you rocked this 4-day week, or I hope you are still alive after trying to get 5 days worth of things done in 4.

We’re finally shifting into Summer, though Portland is still unaware, and it’s all about new beginnings, whether you’re restarting your favorite summer activities or trying to discover something new, or maybe, like a lot of us, you’re just coasting and e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.i.s.j.u.s.t.t.h.e.s.a.m.e.

Beginnings are never easy. For example, I started a blog a week ago and it felt new, fresh and exciting, but I have yet to publish anything since it was born and not for lack of time or trying. It’s been a sit and stare at the blank page kind of deal. Suddenly, the rush of “I have so much to say and now I have my own place to say it so let’s say all the things” just slipped away. Regardless, I’m here, just beginning, knowing that I started this to challenge myself to write more about my opinions, sweaty life, and hopefully something motivational here and there.

Who really likes to be a beginner? So many see it rather as being bad at a skill, lacking knowledge on a subject, and we especially don’t like to fail (gasp!). But like I said, if you don’t start, you’ll sit and stare at a blank page of life (we’re gettin’ deep, Y’all). All you have to do is start and of course, try not to hate on yourself for being new – the only one who’s judging you is most likely yourself.


If you don’t start, how do expect to finish? Magic? Nope. It’s science, obviously. It’s like the idea of momentum. You start moving (in your new hobby, training, task) and will most likely continue moving. So there’s nothing more to do than just begin and gain that momentum, right? #science.

Beginnings are not supposed to be easy…

I had a very sweaty and interesting beginning at Flex & Flow. I came in to teach my first class and upon arriving, Jamie told me she would teach the first portion and I would jump in and teach the second. It just so happened to be a HIIT & FLow class that I was scheduled to teach and I had never taught a HIIT class before (insert big-eyed, sweaty emoji). I’m not really sure what would have gone down if she hadn’t. I was pretty terrified and it definitely showed when I taught what must have been a flop of a second half, though I’m pretty sure I blacked out the whole time (she told me to take a shot of vodka before my next class hahaha…she was half kidding, I think). But there I was – I was moving, and just had to keep moving, learning and growing in ways I couldn’t even imagine.

I now teach a HIIT & Flow class once a week amongst all the Power Vinyasa classes at Flex & Flow as well. Being thrown in to the deep end definitely gave me the push and built the momentum that I needed to adjust quickly to a very different, and extremely fun and sweaty style of teaching.


My ideas around fitness and training have been challenged and rocked since joining the Flex & Flow team and learning to teach Jamie’s signature HIIT  & FLow, a workout she originally just started doing to keep her sweating and feeling good during her long office hours at her start-up biz. It became her sweaty routine to train for all the hills and all the handstands, and it’s only gotten sweatier and better since. All it took to start was to throw herself in and get sweaty…

Being thrown into the deep end is one way to start, whether you throw yourself in, or if you’re like me and need that good sweaty shove. No matter what it is or how it’s done, I’ve learned to just start, try to enjoy where it all goes, and take in every bit of knowledge.

Let’s Begin: Flex & Flow HIIT & Flow June Challenge

I say there’s nothing like a good push to start a fitness routine and stick with it. If you’re looking for that push or challenge, or to get stronger, faster, and feeling good, then HIIT & Flow is IT, and you need to add it to your life.

Starting June 5 – 30, Fit Approach is hosting an #FFYHIITYoga Instagram challenge and showing you how easy and effective it is to add it into your daily routine. Not only does it make me rain sweat, but this workout is the reason I can do all the vinyasas, bike and run the hills, and feel strong in day-to-day life. And this is only the beginning… Starting in July, we’re launching the Flex & Flow HIIT & Flow Weekly Workout, an online membership that includes three HIIT & Flow sequences a week so you can get your sweat on anywhere, anytime, in a super short amount of time!

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 10.30.37 PM.png
Post-HIIT & Flow. Just think, soon you can look this good anywhere, anytime.

I better see you on the interwebs and ‘gram this Monday for the start of what may be the sweatiest month of our lives. I promise you’ll soon agree that the best things in life make you sweaty…

Looking for more things to begin?


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