Deep Thoughts In Overalls

The DTIO Story

In some form or another, this has been a long time coming. I mostly write things like this, this, and this on the Flex & Flow Yoga blog. I love that blog because it’s a reflection of the amazing community that is Flex & Flow – my yoga home, where I teach, get so sweaty, and connect with all of the yogis and runners. I’ll leave my FFY obsession for another post(s), but I’ll just say this: it’s the main reason I am where I am today, doing what I’m doing, surrounded by some seriously inspiring people (like the ones in this pic coming up).

When I’m not Flex-ing and Flow-ing, I’m working with a badass team of ladies at Fit Approach. We are six #bossbabes in total, rocking the fitness marketing world with the #sweatpink community. This community of fitness, foodie, and wellness blogging queens always has me feeling inspired, amused and even at awe from their personal stories, sweaty ideas, amazing recipes, everyday motivation, and more! As I come to my one year anniversary wit Fit Approach, I felt that it was about time I started this little baby blog.

Portland dream team: Liz, social media queen + selfie afficianado; and Jamie, ultimate #bossbabe, so humble and friendly while getting after all the things.

Deep Thoughts in Overalls (DTIO) came to me sometime in past few months while sitting with Liz and Jamie, most likely drinking coffee or wine, and most definitely while wearing overalls. My life uniform involves either yoga clothes or overalls, and that’s the way I like it. I’ll just go ahead and say, overalls for life!

Yoga + snacks = 75% of my life


It’s getting to the part where I should tell you why I’m here writing on a blog with overalls in the title even though we’re in 2017…20+ years since overalls were really IN. Well, it’s my place to be whatever I want to – to share my musings, my favorite things, trail running, yoga, Portland happenings, SNACKS, and the list will go on.

My thoughts may not get too deep here, but I can guarantee that I will be honest and myself, and that I’ll be wearing overalls at least 50% of the time.  I’m here to expose some more parts of myself, to share new sweaty, tasty or beautiful things, to be vulnerable and motivational, and to grow and learn from, and hopefully add to, this community around me.

Until next time friends. Stay sweaty and stay hungry,

XO, Nic


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